Xiyang returns to OMG


Xiyang returns to OMG

Hu "Xiyang" Bin returns to OMG after playing with their sister team in LSPL.

OMG vs QG Game 2 League Of Legends LPL Summer 2017 W1D3

LPL Summer 2017 W1D3: Oh My God (xiyang, juejue, Cool, Uzi, Amazing) takes on Qiao Gu (V, Swift, Doinb, TnT, TcT) Game Start: 6:44 Subscribe:

LPL Summer 2017 W11D1: Qiao Gu takes on OMG – Game 2 Game Start: 07:11 Subscribe: Missed a game? Check out our full spoiler-free.

OMG VS QG Game 2 Full Replay :

LPL Summer 2017 W1D3: Oh My God (xiyang, juejue, Cool, Uzi, Amazing) takes on Qiao Gu (V, Swift, Doinb, TnT, TcT) Game Start: 7:59 Subscribe:

SK Telecom T1 K vs OMG | All-Star 2014 Challenge Group Stage Day 2 | SKT vs OMG

Analyst desk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qF_PL3ZD-4
Next Match of the Day – Cloud 9 vs Taipei Assasins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al9nocHsCHs
Full All-star Paris 2014 Playlist: http://bit.ly/1mFJuDz
League of Legends All-stars 2014, Paris, France, Day 2. Group stage Round Robin Challenge.
Second Game of the Day – OMG vs SK Telecom T1 K Game 1. Korea vs CHina.
SKT T1 K vs OMG All stars. OMG vs SKT Full game HD 720p.

OMG (China) Line-up:
Gogoing – Top
Pomelo – Jungle
xiyang – Mid
san – ADC
Allen – Support

SK Telecom T1 K Line-up:
Impact – Top
bengi – Jungle
Faker – Mid
Piglet – AD
PoohManDu – Support

Patch: 4.6 – season 4
Game date: 09.05.2014 | 05/09/2014
Game place: Paris, France

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OMG (Xiyang Syndra) VS TPA (Achie Lissandra) Highlights – Allstars Paris 2014

OMG VS TPA Full Replay : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUk6xnnAnv4

Faker Wants Revenge : SKT VS OMG Gr A Highlights – S3 World Championship

That body language of Faker @ the end = STAND UP AND SHAKE MY F***ING HAND NOW, HUEHUEHUE. Full Replay : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSTkFljfIas