Tencent Looking To Buy Sumo Digital In $1.27 Billion Deal


Tencent Looking To Buy Sumo Digital In $1.27 Billion Deal

Tencent has proposed a buyout of Sumo Digital in yet another big move from the company.

Tencent BOUGHT Sumo! – is this Good Or Bad for LittleBigPlanet? (Part 2)

The developer of Sackboy a big adventure ps5 and littlebigplanet 3 is being bought out by tencent for 1.3B dollars!? What does Sumo digital being bought out by tencent mean for the lbp franchise? Lemme know down below! (2021)
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Article link: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-07-19-tencent-to-buy-crackdown-and-sackboy-developer-sumo-in-usd1-3bn-deal


In today’s little big planet 1/2/3 video, we play the new littlebigplanet spin off game for ps5 sackboy a big adventure. And in this lbp spinoff, sackboy a big adventure gameplay walkthrough, we will playthrough the first level on the ps5 for the first time! Is sackboy ps5 any better than ps4? Find out!

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The $1.3bn Acquisition! Is Tencent’s Takeover Inevitable?

Tencent look set to wrap up their $1.3bn of UK-based Sumo Group shortly, they were already part-owners of the studio – having owned an 8.75% stake since 2019. Sumo are happy though! Tencent seem even more-so happy to be spreading around the world even more.

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00:35 Tencent Pickup Sumo Digital
02:21 Tencent Seems Inevitable…

Tencent shut down more than 40 projects this year including 16 applications

On December 15, Tencent held an internal staff meeting online, and the theme of this year’s conference was to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

According to Time Finance, Tencent shut down or removed at least 16 apps during the year, including Magic Core, QQ Video, Kandian Express, Sogou Maps, Tencent WiFi Manager, and many other well-known products. If counting the 29 canceled games, at least 45 projects will be shut down.
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So Tencent is buying Sumo Digital….Is this the end of LittleBigPlanet?

So Tencent is buying Sumo Digital….Is this the end of LittleBigPlanet?

IGN article

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