Sony Files Patent That Could Help Backwards Compatibility On PS5


Sony Files Patent That Could Help Backwards Compatibility On PS5

Sony has filed a new patent that makes mention of backwards compatibility for console hardware.

PS5 Backwards Compatibility – 9 Things You Need To Know

Backwards compatibility is coming to PS5 – here’s how it works and everything else you need to know.

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Some new Resident Evil stuff, new rumors for PS5 and a revised Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store/Metro changes, and more stuff happening in gaming news this week.
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Sony’s new backwards compatibility plans?

GameStop troubles

Metro Exodus on Epic store

Sekiro Update

Rage 2

Funny resident evil

Fixed camera angle RE mod &utm_medium=twitter

Quantic Dream

EA vs Belgium

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Sony Patents Tease Cloud-Based Backward Compatibility for PS5!

Sony patents tease cloud-based backward compatibility for PS5!

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New SONY Patent Points Towards PlayStation 1-3 Backwards Compatibility On The PS5!

Are we finally going to get complete backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 5? Or is this all wishful thinking?

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